Dedicated Customer and Supplier Support:

Light Fabrications Inc. has a dedicated technical sales team, customer service, R&D, engineering, quality and logistical support staff. We strive to provide our partners the best service and support in the industry.

Our Sales Team answers questions about product specifications and services, helping customers achieve the best product solution for their application. They provide free sample material sheets, consultation, quotations, prototype coordination and order placement. 

Once an order is placed, your Customer Service Representative(CSR) works to ensure your product is made and shipped on time to your exact specifications. CSR's acknowledge and track orders from start to completion. They are the wheel hub, working with all members of our LF Team to ensure YOUR loyalty and satisfaction.
Office hours are typically 8am to 5pm Eastern(US) Mon-Fri. at 800-836-6920.

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Supplier Support:

We work closely with adhesive coaters, liner suppliers, film, foil, paper, foam, fabric, non-woven suppliers and many more. We are always willing to help with new product trial runs, process development, technical sales training/support for sales reps in the field, lab personnel, marketers, etc. Contact Jamie Cucinelli, Sales Manager, for inquiries.


Our training website:

If you are new to precision converting services and our world we can help teach you a little bit about what we do.  We typically give limited facility tours due to strict confidentiality agreements with customer. So, if traveling to Rochester, NY is not in your budget, this site will bring you a little closer inside LF. Log in for a personal video tour of some of our services here:

If you would like to better understand some of the tape converting industries' jargon, click here for our glossary of terms.

Local Support:

If you have a need for a representative of Light Fabrications to visit you or your company in person, please contact us today. We have sales support in the field on staff, also working with independent sales representatives & mfg mill reps. If at any time you do not feel satisfied with local service please contact our Sales Manager.


Customer Process evaluations

We offer an evaluation of customers' processing & assembly methods to provide the best application solution. If you are willing to share your manufacturing "pain points" and relevant details, we will recommend application improvements, tooling modifications, dispensing equipment options, pick-&-place automation and more. We can report cost saving options to aid or reinforce our value-added product and service.


Customer Satisfaction Survey:

We love to hear from our customers! How else can we improve? Please take our brief satisfaction survey enabling us to better serve you! Click here.

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We even have a video libray youtube youtube logochannel showing some products & services in action. Did you know we have over 125 different shapes and styles of 3D marketing mailers. Click here to check a few out and how easy they are to put together and make your next promotional offer a success!


Converting Blog:

You might find some interesting tips and tricks and laughs in regards to adhesive, static, unique gasketing options, etc.  For a link to our tape converting industry blog click here.