Light Fabrications provides extremely long length rolls of tape or other materials by:

  • Traverse winding or level winding
  • Dry edge spooling
  • Pyramid winding
  • We can slit and wind on any core size or spool type
  • Multi-head tensionless spooling
  • Ability to add extended or additional liner to acrylic foam tape or free flow tapes
  • We level wind 3M VHB, protective film, tapes, films, foils and more!

We convert your supplied material or we will order material for you and provide finished spools at any custom width or length desired.

Benefits of Spooling:

  • Lower your operating costs and increase production with long length rolls!
  • Increase your profitability by lowering scrap and not stopping your production line
  • For example, 36 yard rolls of some thin materials can be supplied 11,000 yards or 300 TIMES LONGER on 1 roll!

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