Slit happens" at Light Fabrications and has for over three decades! We have over 20 different custom slitting and rewinding machines. We slit up to 5,000 lb., 78" wide jumbo rolls of material all the way down to wafer thin rolls of .030" WIDE tape. We have experience slitting thousands of different adhesive tapes, film, foil, paper and endless specialty materials.

Light Fabrications slits with all conventional methods such as:

  • Lathe or Baloney slitting
  • Rewind slitting
  • Dry edge slitting
  • Zoned adhesive slitting
  • Score slitting
  • Shear slitting
  • Razor slitting
  • Hot knife slitting
  • Crush cutting
  • Reverse loop slitting
  • Rotary slitting
  • In-line web cleaning
  • Fife edge registration slitting
  • Perf & skip slitting

We will slit your supplied material or we will order material for you and provide finished rolls at any custom width or length desired.

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