Light Fab has a reputation for quality products and services. We are currently TS16949, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 Complaint and FDA Registered. Every customer's quality plan and procedures are custom designed to suit the desired level of quality. When needed, we routinely perform:

  • FMEA
  • PPAP
  • Capability studies
  • Lot traceability from raw material source to finished product
  • In-line inspection, manual and optical vision systems
  • Programmable inspection

We have testing equipment and capabilities including:

  • ASTM pull-force testing
  • Peel adhesion, ASTM D 3330
  • Unwind adhesion and release testing
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Optical comparators
  • C.M.M. video and optical projection scopes

We are not an accredited lab, however we will accomodate your material testing needs upon request. Click here to download our current certifications.

Download Quality Services PDF here