3M 4943F

3M™ VHB™ Tape 4943F, firm foam, Low temperature appliable acrylic adhesive, thickness 0.045   in. (1.1   mm), gray VHB with clear polyester liner. UL 746C - File MH17478


Low Temperature Appliable Acrylic- Can create bonds at temperatures as low as 32°F compared to the normal 50°F. This adhesive system bonds best to higher surface energy substrates including metal, glass and high surface energy plastics.Conformablefoam carrier provides high strength with the capability of conforming to rigid substrates.



  • Small pack
  • Polyester liner for excellent strength and great for die-cutting
  • Perfect Alternative for rivets, spot welds and other mechanical fasteners
  • Closed-cell design dampens vibration and gets rid of unsightly bolts and fasteners
  • Exceptional bonds even on painted materials
  • UL 746C compliance makes it great for electronic products
  • Temperature tolerance  short term up to 300°F long term up to 200°F


3M™ VHB™ Tapes are bonding tapes made with acrylic foam which is viscoelastic  in nature. Viscoelastic     means the foam absorbs energy and relaxes stress providing these tapes with their unique characteristics. The acrylic chemistry provides outstanding durability performance. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes are 100% closed cell, so they form a high performance seal in addition to a strong bond.


Application Ideas

  • Bonding and mounting bars to windows
  • Bond and seal polycarbonate lens over LCD
  • Bond pre-painted metals in truck assembly
  • Bond and seal pre-painted control panels/switch gears
  • Mount vinyl wiring ducts and conduit channels


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