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Light Fabrications was started in 1977 when I realized a need for electronic and fabricated components for the business equipment marketplace. The early years' parts and specialty items were components custom made for copiers and printers, Xerox, Kodak, IBM and many of the companies engaged in those markets. Well into the 1980's the company produced millions of parts and consumable components such as paper guides, roller assemblies, blades, cleaning brushes, toner bottle closures and subsequent assemblies, drive hubs, adhesive sealing gaskets and more. We still supply some of these items to this day.

The experience producing for those needs, gained us the investment in the proper equipment and engineering expertise to expand capabilities specializing in adhesive and tape fabricating. We began marketing and servicing many other industries such as household appliances, medical devices and printing and publishing markets. We embarked on a total quality program that enabled the ability to participate in large volume/high demands automotive industry. In the 90's, Light Fab grew into heavily selling the transportation markets with attachment and noise reduction adhesive products.

The investment into sophisticated process engineering and custom equipment provided the skill to address the digital printing and publishing marketplace, which was evolving rapidly. By year 2000, we started providing custom die cutting for ink jet photographic papers, and the subsequent packaging and fulfillment needed for those retail consumer products. This gave us entre into sophisticated perforating, punch-hole die cutting and sheeting of many different thermal and ink-jet activated components and media. We provide private labeled product to the office supply 'big boxes' as well as outsource services to paper mills, adhesive manufacturers, and plastic film manufacturers.

We have grown and evolved over the years to be a true manufacturing partner to large OEM's and small business around the world. We continue to invest in technology and state-of-the-art equipment to remain highly competitive and help our customers succeed. We are the hard-to-find, value-added job shop that doesn't say "no".

Jim Cucinelli